Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Post-rescue pics!

Check out this pretty girl:

Monday, April 6, 2009


Tasha was brought back to safety tonight--pictures to come. Thank you to everyone who helped--all the K9 Lifesavers volunteers, especially Danny and Jessica, but also the non-K9 volunteers (Sonia, Donna, and Lisa). It takes a village . . .

Now Tasha needs a foster and a forever home!

Here's her story, as told on LostDogsFound:

Tasha in better diggs than she's been in for the last several weeks. Well maybe better than any home she ever had before!

Tasha was a rescue that was shipped to a Washington DC location, along with a lot of other dogs, probably from some rural area where dogs have a much harder time finding homes. Lots of rescues bring dogs in from rural locations surrounding the Washington metropolitan area, foster them while they ready them for forever homes, and find those homes for them.

So, the story goes that pretty much the moment that Tasha arrived in town, she took off. Over the weeks, there were dozens and dozens of sightings – maybe a hundred or more. There were feeding station and trapping efforts going on, surveillance cameras, and a lot of fliering to help generate those sighting calls.

It became routine that she would wander in and out of backyards in a residential area – even fenced yards. Some neighbors were cooperative and interested in helping, others not so much. Eventually my partners came up with the idea to try to trap her in a yard, and I think some attempts were made by property owners to do it. But an example of an attempt that didn’t go well was one where there were two gates and they’d only close one, so she could just walk out the other one.

Now, the last few days there have been some high winds. And late Monday afternoon, there were high winds behind the gate of the yard that Tasha was nosing around in. And bam!!!! Gate closed behind her!!!!

The fence was a 4’ fence with some kind of 2’ lattice work making it more like 6’ high. Luckily she’s not a jumper; instead, she howled for help!!! The homeowners heard her, ran out to find a flier, and called the number. Several of my team members converged on the yard. There was one area where there was no lattice work, so one team member went around and stood outside the fence while the others went in – just in case she tried to jump. They moved in on her ready to have to chase her around the yard to be able to leash her, but as it turned out, by this time, she was done running.

And with that, the story ended as abruptly as it started!!! She’s now entered rescue, is at a foster home, and a forever home is being sought for her.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sightings and Pics!

Tasha is back at the transport site again. She was seen at 44th and Garrison by two different people at 5:45.

Also we have pictures of her eating out of the trap!! Hopefully in another few days of luring her further and further into it we can set it and catch her!!

A bunch of our flyers have been ripped down from the neighborhood around Rodmans - if anybody is available to help re-flyer let us know!

Friday, April 3, 2009

4/3 Sighting

Our girl is back near the traps and feeding stations. She was sighted this morning at 9 AM on Andover Rd. near Western.

Another sighting - Corner of Murray, Westport, and Merivale heading down Murray towards her favorite back yard at 9:05 AM.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SIGHTINGS: 04/01/09

We had two sightings of Tasha today--which is a big relief because we were worried she may have moved to another area after the trap incident yesterday.

She was seen in the neighborhood that borders the west side of River today, between Western and Little Falls.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A set back

We were so close to trapping Tasha today--but the trap sprang and she was able to wiggle out of the trap. We're now concerned that maybe she won't go in the trap a second time, so we're concentrating on having her learn to trust the trap again and also looking into some other options.

If you've seen Tasha, we want to hear from you. If you have a fenced in yard and have seen Tasha in your yard, we REALLY want to hear from you!